Why Is Art And Craft Important For Kids?

There is no doubt that art and craft are fun activities for children of all ages. Apart from seeing it as a fun activity, have you ever wondered what art and craft can do in child development? Experts say that this activity is the most significant way to help kids grow and develop. Art and craft activities play an important role in the holistic development of children as it involves the mind and body. Unfortunately most of the school curriculum takes art and craft for granted as they follow the formal education setup. As parents and teachers we should all be aware of the importance of art and craft in child development. It’s never too late; come let’s take a look at the list of various benefits of this fun and exciting activity.

Here Are A Few Important Benefits Of Art And Craft For Kids

There are countless benefits of art and craft for kids. Today, many parents resort to technology in order to keep their kids engaged and entertained. But the below-listed importance of art and craft for kids is sure to make you think twice!

Improves Motor Skills

Art and craft for kids activities generally require them to use both hands. From drawing to cutting to tearing, kids use their fingers to handle art materials. These simple activities help to strengthen the muscles and this in turn will help them develop their motor skills. The quicker their fine motor skills develop the more they can do things on their own, like tying their shoes, eating, dressing, and much more.

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Brings Out Creativity

Creativity comes from thinking, exploring, discovering, and imagining. When it comes to kids there are no limits to their imagination. Art and craft is a great way to turn those endless imaginations into something creative. Doing something creative lets children explore different options and express their feelings. It also stimulates mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, new ways of thinking.

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Arithmetic Development

Basic mathematical skills like counting, sorting, recognizing different shapes and sizes can be taught through art and craft activities for preschool children. Art and craft for kids integrated lessons can explain abstract concepts, create memorable visuals, and help bridge the gap between classroom lessons and real-world applications. To excel in math, one needs good problem-solving skills which art and crafts activities can help with.

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Expands Vocabulary

Art and craft activities are vital not only for the development of fine motor skills and visual processing skills, but they are also an amazing way to expand essential vocabulary. Through these activities, kids will learn the names of different shapes, patterns, shades of colors, and figures. These skills stimulate expressive language and carry over into a multitude of other activities that will be important to give a head start in school.

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Builds Self-Esteem

Studies have shown that art and craft for kids give them a sense of pride and achievement, which in turn builds confidence and self esteem. They also get a sense of satisfaction from making something on their own. Trying something new can end up in making mistakes. But this is the safest way to discover that it’s okay to make mistakes. Even small things like waiting for paint or glue to dry, helps them develop patience.

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Parent-Child Bonding

Art and craft are a great way to strengthen the parent-child bond. Today both parents and children are so consumed with technology that they have no time for each other. Crafting can be a great idea to break that and have some quality time with family. You get to discuss different ideas, what you feel and care about while crafting. With art and craft you get to spend quality time with your kids and at the same time, you are creating memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.

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Helps In Socializing

Art classes can be a great place for kids to make friends. Being together with other children with similar interests gives the child the opportunity to interact and socialize. Art is an equalizer, kids will approach one another with great interest to see what the other has drawn or made. Interacting with other children gives kids the opportunity to socialize and build friendships. This helps the child understand the world around them better.

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Spreads Awareness

Apart from being a tool to explore and express, art and craft for kids are an excellent source of spreading awareness to young minds from a very young age. From emotional awareness to social and environmental, art has the power to bring one closer to their own selves. This helps the kids express themselves in a more positive and productive way. Art and craft has always come in handy to bring a change or to stand for something you believe in.

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Keep Away From Screen Time

Last but not the least, art and craft for kids helps keep them away from screen time. Technology is a wonderful thing to have but it can also be quite addictive if not used in moderation. Getting the little ones to participate in art and craft activities is a healthy way to keep them occupied. Creating art using paper, clay, sand, or any other materials gives children a space to learn, experiment and stay occupied without being glued to gadgets.

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The importance of art and craft is far more than what has been mentioned. With all these benefits, it’s very important to infuse art and craft for kids in their day to day lives to add fun and ensure success across all aspects of lives. It is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to make sure that every child has access to art, both in and out of school.

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