What Is Mixology And What Should You Know About It?

Mixology is the skill of mixing various drinks with different ingredients to create that perfect drink. Getting to that perfect drink is an art that comes from years of practice, skill and knowledge. For a Mixologist it’s a continuous learning process of mixing flavours, combining ingredients, and creating something new every time, to give a unique experience for his customers. With the growing trend of globalization, people have started looking for something new in everything. Mixology has a great influence on people; it has created new standards that never existed before!

Tips To Become A Standout Mixologist

There are many aspects to being a standout mixologist. It’s literally a blend of chemistry with art and certain unique skills that nails it. Everyone has a different style of learning and everything depends on your preferred style. Here are a few tips to train you up and get you there:

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Right Tools:

However skilled you are, it’s very important to have the right mixology set. The best mixologists use the very best equipment as settling for less may affect your creations. Without the right tools, the quality, taste and customer service will suffer.


The whole process of mixology is driven by creativity where one needs to be innovative and inventive all the time. Mixologists are those who think outside the box working towards creating the elegance, style and taste in a drink.

Learn from Others:

Following those who inspire you the most on social media platforms is the first step to feeding your creativity. Connect with people who know a thing or two about mixology, and find someone who is willing to share some of their time and expertise.

Online Course:

There are countless online mixology classes covering topics on mixology in-depth and how to go about refining the craft from beginner to advance. Fully interactive virtual mixology classes sharing unique cocktail-making tips, skills, and recipes are also available online.


Practice is the one thing you’ll truly need to make perfect drinks. As the saying goes ‘Practice makes a man perfect, even an amateur can become an expert in mixology with enough practice. Getting to the expert level is completely possible only with practice.

Essential Tools For Aspiring Mixologists

The first step to making a great drink is having the necessary tools at hand. Cocktail making is an art, and just like a painter needs a good brush, a mixologist needs a good shaker to level up his precision and skills. A variety of bar tools and equipment listed below will make a mixologist’s job easy.

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Bar Mats:

Preparing drinks on bar mats can prevent spills and protect the surface of the bar from wet glasses. These mats are made from thick and heavy rubber, provide drainage for any spilled drinks and are easy to empty into the sink.

Bar Spoons:

A bar spoon is a specialized spoon designed with a long spiral handle which fits in any type of glassware. It helps in the mixing process, while maintaining a balance of flavor when assembling a cocktail. The long spiral handle helps pour the drink along the spiral to create layered cocktails.

Cocktail shaker:

Cocktail shakers are perhaps the most fun cocktail preparation tools used to mix beverages. Shakers are used for vigorously shaking and mixing the drink along with allowing for easy pouring into the glass.


After drinks are shaken with ice they need to be strained into their final vessel. A bar strainer is placed over the mouth of the shaker that ensures to remove solid materials from the liquid in the making of a drink.


This tool is used to wake up the aromas of herbs without bruising it. Bruising the herbs releases a chemical that damages the taste of cocktails. A good muddler helps in adding dimension to your drinks and bringing the right balance of flavors.


A jigger is one of the most common bars essential that acts as a cocktail measuring cup to ensure correct and consistent measuring. Jiggers are dual-sided which allows mixologists to quickly mix drinks using both sides to remain consistent when crafting cocktails.

Glass Rimmer:

This bar accessory is used to quickly create the perfect rimmed glass edge. It comes with multi trays or discs which can be filled with either salt or sugar, or sometimes something to moisten the rim of the glass such as lime juice.

Channel Knife:

Channel knives are used mainly for peeling strips of citrus fruits for cocktail garnishes. A small spoon-shaped knife used to style your cocktail is what will make it as fancy as the one in a bar.


Five Classic Drinks That Every Aspiring Mixologist Should Try

Most of these cocktails use similar techniques and formulas. Learning how to make them will give you a feel of cocktail making techniques. Once you’ve mastered that, all you need to do is switch the ingredients and change some of the proportions to make your own version by allowing your creativity to take over.

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A simple three-ingredient cocktail traditionally made of Campari, gin and sweet vermouth. An Italian classic made by stirring, built over ice and garnished with a slice of orange.

Espresso Martini:

One of the sophisticated mixology drinks made with a dash of coffee liqueur, freshly brewed espresso, mixed with vodka is strong, sweet, and delicious all at the same time.


This classic version is made with lime juice, Cointreau, and tequila on the rocks presented in a salt-rimmed glass.

Moscow Mule: 

Moscow mule is a cocktail made with vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice garnished with a wedge of lime and served in an ice-cold copper mug.

Bloody Mary:

A cocktail made of vodka, tomato juice, and a lot of spices and flavourings including sauces and herbs.


If you think mixology might be the career for you, this article sets you on the right path to take the leap and to enhance your career prospects.

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