What Are Virtual Tours According To You?

Imagine being at your favourite place in the world just by a click of a button. Does that sound like magic or an illusion? No…that’s what a virtual tour is all about. Virtual tours are an experience of being somewhere that you are actually not. A panoramic view of a place can be viewed online, through desktop, laptops, tablets or even mobile phones, in other words, it can be called a smart tour. In the past few years, the quality and accessibility of virtual tours have improved considerably. Some websites allow the user to navigate the tours by clicking on maps or integrated floor plans.

Traditionally it was used as a powerful marketing tool but now due to the outbreak of the pandemic, visual tours have become very popular among the masses. This technology allows you to visit almost any place on the planet in the blink of an eye. Virtual tours are not just restricted to the travel industry but are used extensively in universities, real estate and hospitality industries. Much before the pandemic, travelling and exploring new places have always been fun, but now with the outbreak of the virus, the entire world has come to a halt, immobilizing everything. With everyone confined to their homes and the fear of going out, people have turned to the next best alternative 

what are virtual tours 

Different Virtual Tour Options To Try From The Comfort Of Your Home

Virtual Tours For Marketing

Marketing and promotion was the start of the development of the virtual tourism industry, considered to be one of the best marketing tools. Virtual tours are the latest feature to appear on real estate websites that have advanced streaming technology to a point where virtual tour, floor plans, and other interactive exploratory tools are available at your fingertips. Virtual evidence and experiences would be much easier to convince a customer than the traditional methods of holiday brochures or guidebooks. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 360° virtual tours is like allowing the customer to feel as though they’re getting an inside look of a business or location.  A connection that helps them come one step closer to doing business with you. Virtual tours 360 can make a viewer become a visitor and a visitor to become a customer.

Virtual Tours For Travellers

Virtual tourism makes destinations accessible to millions of people who want to travel but are not able to afford it. It allows the user to imagine them at a travel destination without leaving their home. Effortlessly visiting different corners of the world be it the architectural wonders like the Taj Mahal in India or the Louvre in Paris or the Egyptian Pyramids to quench your wanderlust all in a day. The other huge benefit during the pandemic is that they are not limited by availability of flights, safety and concern about whether the destinations are open. It also allows users to travel cities through a bird’s-eye view.  Embrace this virtual tourism technology to see and experience things that you never thought were possible.

Virtual Tours For Students

Various virtual tours for students are available, specific to the course content depending on their individual learning needs. Zoos, theaters, museums and other cultural venues offer virtual travel experiences online for free. Don’t miss this chance to interact with the art pieces and animals, or getting to know better stories in museums online. A virtual tour of museums and national parks allow students to browse through large sections of the museum and search through the exhibits by date, category, continent and much more which was not possible otherwise. Virtual tours of zoos from all around the world allows kids to explore the depths of the ocean one day, cuddling koalas another, watching gorgeous polar bear cubs wrestle the next while learning all about these fascinating creatures along the way.

Virtual Tours To Explore The Past

Social distancing has forced museums and historic sites around the world to close their doors for now, but have made their spaces, exhibits and collections available by virtual tours. Anyone fascinated with history would enjoy historic virtual tours around the world. It’s like an experience of going back in time with a time machine. Some 360° virtual tours take you into every nook and corner of historical sites, antiquities and museums which share treasures like the Rosetta stone and ancient Egyptian artifacts in closer detail and not to forget the World Heritage Site of Blenheim Palace. Exploring a tomb dated back 5,000 years which is the oldest of the Egyptian sites is available for a virtual walk-through. Ever imagined doing this? Modern technology has made it possible for us to tour the past by virtually transporting us to any time or place that one wants to see.

Virtual Tours Of Places That Are Inaccessible

Thrilling experiences we may never be able to have in real life, like flying a jet fighter, exploring the oceans, climbing Mount Everest or even going on a spacewalk. You’d think that in today’s world everything is possible, but in reality many things are not in our control. Many places are still off-limits due to various reasons like being too remote, dangerous or being entirely closed for visitors. Virtual tourism has made it possible for adventurous people to reach those remote inaccessible areas through their fingertips. There are virtual tours like taking a para-motor flight above Lguazu falls in Brazil, virtual tightrope walking above a Canyon with a 360° view or climbing Mount Everest which allows you to enjoy the view without freezing to death.


A virtual tour is here to stay, even after the pandemic ends. Now that you have understood the concept of virtual tours, you may be tempted to take a few virtual trips yourself! Choose from the above and do share your experience with us.

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