Freshly Brewed Coffee Painting For Beginners

In the past few years, the interest in Painting with coffee among artists and art lovers has increased significantly but you will be surprised to know that coffee painting dates back to centuries ago. The art of painting with coffee is known as arfé, which comes from the combination of two words art and café. All you need is coffee, water, brushes and paper to create some beautiful monochromatic paintings. Painting with coffee for beginners is an interesting and easy to do art that is created simply by adding coffee to water. Some artists even boil the coffee to get dark concentrations of coffee. Once your know-how, you can make different shades and use coffee to paint. Painting is generally associated with the use of oil, acrylic and watercolour, but now with so many paintings with coffee ideas, you can add coffee to your art list too.

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Painting with Coffee Tips And Tricks For Beginners

This art was developed when an artist spilt coffee on his canvas accidentally. For someone who loves coffee, the very idea of painting with coffee can brighten up your day just like a sip of coffee. This popular beverage with an intoxicating aroma has turned out to be a very versatile medium of art. Let’s take a look at some painting hacks to make it easy for you to start.

Keep Things Ready

Before you start make sure you have all the materials like palette, brushes, pencil, clean water, paper and coffee powder ready to complete your painting with coffee. Make sure to buy different size brushes and watercolor paper. Always keep tissue paper handy to blot out excess coffee and don’t forget to spread out some newspaper on the table before you start.

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Sketch Before You Paint

Before starting to paint with coffee, think about what you are planning to paint. You could sketch out the design that you intend to create. Use a graphite pencil to lightly draw your design onto the surface that you are going to paint on. Once you are done with sketching, you will have more clarity on what shades to mix.

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Creating Different Shades

You can use both instant and regular coffee as paint. Instant coffee is great for painting for beginners since all you have to do is dissolve some instant coffee in water. To create your masterpiece, you’ll need different shades. Use a mixing tray to mix lighter to darker coffee shades. Less coffee with more water will give lighter shade and more coffee with less water will give darker shade. Add coffee powder in different quantities to the mixing tray and dilute it with water. Generally two or three shades are enough to create a painting.

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Application Of Paint

Always begin painting with the lighter shade. It is very important to let your coffee layers dry completely before applying the next layers of coffee mixture. Painting on wet layers will lead to mixing up of colors which may be difficult to control. When the lighter shades are dry, start painting the darker ones by mixing slightly darker than the previous one by adding more coffee powder.

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Protect Your Artwork

Over a period of time all paintings accumulate dust if not protected well and may also change the look of your painting. When you have created your masterpiece, leave your painting to dry and then apply a coat of varnish to protect your painting from dust. Framing it and putting it under the glass will give it a complete and professional look.

Material Needed For Painting with coffee

  •         Paper or Canvas
  •         Pencil
  •         Black Pen
  •         Coffee Powder
  •         Natural Bristle Brushes
  •         Palette
  •         Varnish
  •         Water
  •         Tape or Glue

Coffee Painting For Beginners – A Step By Step Process

If you’re familiar with watercolors, then painting using coffee will come to you quite easily. Best paintings can be done on both paper and canvas. It is so much fun to learn coffee painting as it’s a great medium to work with. Here we will take you through step by step instructions on how to paint a coffee cup:

Step 1: Put some coffee powder on a palette. Mix the coffee powder with water using a flat brush and wait for it to dissolve.

Step 2: For a dark hue, mix the coffee powder with little warm water and for the light hue, mix it with more water. Keep adjusting the quantity of powder and water to get different shades.

Step 3: Use a tape to stick your art paper so that paper doesn’t move while painting.

Step 4: Use the wet in wet painting with coffee technique to create the background. Add coffee drops until you get a light tone coffee paint texture to form your background.

Step 5: Draw an outline of a coffee cup with a pencil after the background has dried.

Step 6: To make it more realistic, paint at random places with different hues for a different texture.

Step 7: When you are done, outline with a black pen to give definition to the painting.

I am sure this guide to painting for beginners will turn your morning cup of fresh coffee into amazing art. Go get yourself some coffee and brushes to create your own aromatic professional painting creations. I am sure you are going to enjoy this experience!

FAQs on Painting with Coffee for Beginners:

Q: What coffee is good for coffee painting?

A: Espresso or Instant coffee is best for coffee painting.

Q: Can I mix coffee with acrylic paint?

A: Yes, you can mix coffee with acrylic paint to make an abstract pour painting.

Q: What makes coffee painting different from other paintings?

A: The texture you get with coffee mixtures cannot be matched with any other technique.

Q: Is coffee painting hard?

A: The texture of coffee is a little challenging, but it’s easy if you are used to water coloring.

Q: What paper do I use for coffee painting?

A: Watercolor paper is best for coffee painting.

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