Different Types Of Cakes That Everyone Should Try Once

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have a craving for cakes. A sweet food made from flour, sugar, and other ingredients is a favorite not just among children but also adults. Traditionally cakes were baked for birthdays and weddings. However, with the wide range of options and innovative cake recipes, you really don’t need an occasion to have one. From corporate parties to holidays and get-togethers to personal cravings, it’s an all-time hit. We all have our favorites, no matter what your preferences are. Here are some unique and irresistible different types of cakes to try that are sure to make your celebrations memorable for a very long time!

Top 10 Types Of Cakes Trending Now……..A Must Try!

Pinata Cake

Pinata cake also called the ‘Smash’ cake is the new food trend that is going viral, that packs a sweet surprise inside every cake. The inside of the cake has a hollow center which is used to fill with gifts, and to hold your favorite goodies such as macaroons, chocolates, and cupcakes, which come as a sweet surprise. The idea behind the Pinata cake is to make the cake-cutting process exciting and unique while keeping people guessing as to what really is packed inside it.

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Geode Cake

Geode cakes are stunningly decorated layer cakes meant to mimic the natural rock formation by cutting out pieces of the finished and frosted cake and then filling the cavity with edible crystals which are made of rock candy or isomalt shards. The crystals are then painted with multiple colors to emulate the look of real geodes themselves. Although it might seem like a lot of work, it’s actually not.

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Pull Me Up Cakes

Some trends get hot like a bun in the oven. Pull Me Up also called the Tsunami cake is one of those which has been making waves online these days. This new baking trend has the cake surrounded by a see-through plastic sheet that is slowly pulled up to release an explosion of chocolate all over. This trend is absolutely mouth-watering with chocolates, and different flavors splashed all over the plate. People are going gaga over this absolute delish! 

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Layer Cake

A layer cake also known as a sandwich cake consists of multiple stacked sheets of cake, held together by frosting, jam, icing, or any other filling. The best part about this style of cake is most of the cake recipes can be made into layer cakes. Most basic layer cakes are of two layers, however, there are these top-rated; piled-high layer cakes like the decadent tower of German chocolate layer cake or a rainbow layered cake. Baking and serving these types of cakes is a lot of fun and is sure to be the star of the show.

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Fondant Cake

Of all the different types of cakes, the fondant cake is the most trending as the fondant sheet allows for making interesting designs on the Cake. The play dough-like sugar paste can be rolled out and draped over a simple or sculpted cake to give an absolute finish to a designer cake. It is usually kneaded until they are very silky and pliable and can be used to create a smooth seamless finish on cakes in any color.

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Fruit Cake

This is one cake that is so good to be made all year, not just during the Christmas season. Fruits are soaked in black tea overnight and mixed with cake batter for a rich herbal flavor throughout the batter. For those who want their fruit cakes to have a boozy flavor, you can mix the candied fruit and raisins with a little alcohol and let it macerate for a day or two. The chewy bits of fruit and dash of brandy make these fruit cakes a real treat. Make your life a little more colorful with these types of cakes. 

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Flourless Cake

This cake excludes flour, making it less cakey and fudgier in texture. These types of cakes are perfect for people who are looking to avoid gluten as there’s an absence of flour in the batter. They are made airy from the egg whites that are whipped and then folded into the batter. Easy to make with just three ingredients, served with ice cream or whipped cream, or simply dusted with icing sugar. You can enjoy a rich but not too sweet cake that’s absolutely delicious!

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Upside-Down Cake

In these types of cakes, the toppings are placed at the bottom of the pan, hence they are called upside-down cakes. This classic version of the butter cake is traditionally made with pineapple but can also be made with fruits like plums, peaches, blueberries, or pears. The toppings are placed on the bottom of the pan, often with butter and sugar, and then topped with cake batter. After cooking, the cake is flipped back right-side-up, so that the fruit is facing up.

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Vegan Cake 

Vegan cakes have been introduced as an alternative to making cakes without eggs, dairy butter, or dairy milk. There are several types of plant-based substitutes like banana or flax-seed for eggs, non-trans fat margarine or oils for butter, and plant milk for milk that can be easily replaced. These types of cakes with alternative ingredients create an equally delicious but completely vegan cake.

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Bundt Cake

These types of cakes are baked in a distinctive ring-shaped pan with a hollow center, to give a doughnut shape.  The bundt pan allows the cake to be in contact with the edges of the pan, and therefore allows heat to be transferred more evenly. Generally found in only one flavor, is inspired by a traditional European cake known as Gugelhupf. These easy-to-make fluffy cakes are baked with basic kitchen staples and topped with a simple vanilla or chocolate glaze. 

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Bet you are craving these mouth-watering quirky cakes. Double the surprise and celebrations with these hot trending cakes every one is talking about and don’t forget to share your favorite with us.

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