Yoga Books For Beginners – A Guide To Develop Personal Practice!

Nothing can substitute for learning yoga from experienced yoga teachers. But there will be times when you would need to form your own perspective and learn what’s best for your body that no teacher can teach you. In order to develop personal practice, yoga books can be very helpful in your yoga journey. Some of the best yoga books are helpful in guiding you and will give in-depth information that sometimes even a yoga class cannot give. There are plenty of great yoga books for beginners to choose from. From philosophy to asana, these books will give an insight into how to do the asana plus highlights of the history of yoga. Yoga is for everybody and finding perfect yoga books is at the tips of your fingers, but it’s important to remember that your own gut feelings will tell you if the book is good for you or not. To help you get started, here are some of the most loved beginner yoga books.

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Best Yoga Books For Beginners To Practice On And Off The Mat!

The Heart Of Yoga By TKV Desikachar

Sri T. Krishnamacharya was instrumental in developing yoga, and it will not come as a surprise that he was a teacher to several of modern yoga’s most innovative teachers. The author of this book, T.K.V. Desikachar was the son and student of T. Krishnamacharya. This book is based on the idea of viniyoga which promises to support a complete and holistic practice from the physical to the mental and spiritual.

According to T. Krishnamacharya, yoga is a personal path that must be optimized to the individual. His aim was not to teach yoga to all, but to help individuals tailor yoga to their own needs. The Book ‘The Heart of Yoga’ is divided into four parts. The first part forms the core of the book by introducing yoga at a basic level and then goes on to impart practical lessons on asana, breathing exercises and  bandha. The second part concentrates more on the philosophical aspect of yoga, and the third part of Desikachar’s book is his translation of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras with commentary. Part four is called the Yoganjalisaram, which is in the poem form consisting of thirty two stanzas.

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Light On Yoga By B.K.S. Iyengar

This is one of the best yoga books for beginners as it is not just about asanas, but it also gives a brief, yet informative, introduction to other aspects of the yoga life. B.K.S. Iyengar is a world-renowned expert on yoga who revolutionized yoga practice by making it accessible to any body type. There is a step by step instruction on how to do the poses correctly. This book includes hundreds of images of the physical postures, with descriptions, tips, instructions for pranayama, and guides. There is a section at the back of the book where you can start yoga courses from beginner to very advanced. BKS Iyengar wrote a couple of other books on yoga like the – Light on Life, Light on Pranayama, and Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, among others.

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The Yoga Bible: The Definitive Guide To Yoga By Christina Brown

This step-by-step manual, written with the beginner in mind, may be the best place to start. This book, written by an experienced teacher and author Christina Brown will take you through the history of yoga, the Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, how to use the locks or bandhas to enhance postures, breathing, and other techniques. The instructions on how to perform each pose are straightforward and the postures are very well laid out and easy to understand. The author shares her personal perspectives, tips for preparation, and special accommodations so that each practitioner can make their own decision. The ultimate goal of author Christina Brown is for her book to be “the definitive guide to yoga postures”. Undoubtedly one of the best yoga books for beginners, as the information provided in it is comprehensive and timeless.

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Meditations From The Mat: Daily Reflections on The Path Of Yoga By Rolf Gates & Katrina Kenison

A meditation from the mat is one of the best beginner yoga books that can make you think deeper and live it on a day-to-day basis. Acclaimed yoga teacher Gates along with accomplished writer Kenison explores how one can integrate yoga, mindfulness, and the principals of the practice into our everyday lives. With 365 short thought-provoking quotes, one per day, that is meant to be the “theme” of your day. This is a wonderful book of instructive and encouraging daily meditations centered on the practice of yoga. Gates succeeds in taking readers beyond the mat, and showing them how yoga works as a tool for transformation. This book will inspire both reader’s currently practicing yoga and those who are thinking about it.

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The Language Of Yoga: Complete A To Y Guide By Nicolai Bachman

The complex terminology of yoga can be overwhelming for a beginner who has stepped into a yoga class for the first time. Many of these words that sound new are asana names in Sanskrit. Yoga scholar Nicolai Bachman’s book is a postural guide, showing the meaning behind each asana name. It provides translation, cultural significance, and precise pronunciation for more than 200 illustrated asanas. In The Language of Yoga, Bachman shows that each syllable is a door to deeper, richer engagement with yoga. It is not only  a physical exercise, but as a living, vibrating connection to the life force of this tradition. It is important for a beginner to understand that yoga is an ancient practice. This book honors those roots and is the definitive guide to the modern usage of Sanskrit.

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Every book on this list is great yoga books for beginners. Hope one of these yoga books will inspire you to enhance your practice. Dig into them to see how much more there is to learn and explore. – Happy reading!

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