Art And Craft Ideas For Your Kids To Try At Home

There’s nothing more satisfying than having a creative crafting session with your kids. These crafting sessions can be a learning experience for both and a great way to bond with each other. Art and craft ideas for kids can be anything from drawing/painting to paper folding, knitting and much more. This is a medium for children to express themselves creatively. There are tons of engaging art and craft ideas for kids for all ages and occasions. Come let’s make crafting fun with some easy craft projects that are kid-friendly and budget-friendly too.

Simple Ideas For Art And Craft To Make You And Your Kids Happy

There are hundreds of art and craft ideas for kids that you can make that require no special skills or tools. If you would love to make creative projects with your kids, but are not sure where to start from; then you are in the right place! Try out these DIY simple projects that’ll bust boredom for good, act as a temporary distraction, or can be used as a craft project. You and your kids are going to love making them!

Finger Painting

This is one of the quick and easiest arts and craft ideas for toddlers as paint is applied directly with bare fingers. Children can enjoy getting messy with paints by making dots, stripes etc. You can level this one up for older kids by making finger-painted animals, objects or characters.

art and craft ideas for preschoolers
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Counting Sticks

Turn craft sticks into a counting learning tool for kids. When your kids are learning how to count, this can be the simplest DIY art and craft ideas for preschoolers. It makes teaching and learning a fun activity which is super easy and interesting.

ideas for art and craft
Source: masandpas.com

Homemade Stickers

Making stickers is an all time favorite DIY art and craft idea, as your little one can create their own personalized stickers. It’s so simple that all you need is some wax paper and clear sticky tapes. Keep the colors bright and bold, the brighter the better.

art and craft ideas for toddlers
Source: agirlandagluegun.com

Magic Wand

These magical creative art and craft ideas for kids, is a fun activity that doubles up as a toy and handy dressing-up accessory. Nothing can be more magical than a magic wand. Customize your own wand with ribbons, beads, gems, glitters or anything else that the toddler likes.

art and craft ideas
Source: preschoolismagic.wordpress.com

Box Aquarium

Box aquarium art and craft is a great idea for encouraging creativity among kids.  Tear the top of the box to make a little aquarium. Decorate the aquarium with colorful fishes to move them around like puppets. These creative art and craft ideas for kids are so much fun as a piece of cardboard headed for the recycling bin has been converted into something great.

creative art and craft ideas for kids
Source: artncraftideas.com

Pebble Painting

Natural pebbles can be beautifully painted to create a symbolic piece of art. A few pebbles, a pot of paint and a little bit of inspiration is all that you need to make this wonderful art. Join in with your kids to make their favorite cartoon character or to make your own story.

toddlers art and craft ideas
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Pom-Pom Balls

Pom-pom, also called cheerleading pom, is a small decorative ball made of fabric, wool or feathers. Make small balls with different colors so that it can be used in activities to transfer balls to cups based on their color. Learning colors can be so much fun with these fluffy heavens!

 diy art and craft ideas
Source: indiamart.com

Salt Dough

All you need to make your own salt dough is salt, flour, water and a cutter. Kids will be totally involved in making this as they love mixing, rolling the dough, and cutting it into different shapes. They look simply adorable and can be personalized as per your child’s needs.

art and craft ideas at home
Source: livewellplaytogether.com

Monster Bookmarks

Make your own bookmarks with these simple art and craft ideas for kids. All you need is paper folding, scissors, glue and loads of creativity. Make reading for your kids a whole lot more fun with these not-so-scary monster bookmarks. Your little avid readers will be super fond of them.

art and craft ideas for toddlers
Source: lafeebiscotte.com

Paper Plate Ladybug

Kids of all ages will enjoy learning how to make these adorable ladybugs. Let your child’s creative direction take the lead in this project as it can be painted in so many different color combinations. These art and craft ideas for kids are perfect for home, school, or camp activities!

adorable ladybug
Source: firefliesandmudpies.com

Bubble Painting

Mix water with a generous squirt of both dish soap and paint or food colors to create beautiful patterns. This project is best done outdoors as it can get a little messy. Even after the water has evaporated, the dyes will remain, so you can save your artwork.

bubble painting
Source: babbledabbledo.com
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Schedule Clock

Here’s a fun activity that lets your kids create a clock of their own. This DIY schedule clock is a great way for your child to visualize their time and keep themselves on track. Along with fun it also teaches the importance of time in the real-world.

schedule clock
Source: blog.motherslounge.com

Mask Making

Making masks with cardboard is a classic activity that’s cheap, easy and effective. A great way to make the best out of waste!  Allow kids to decorate their masks using whatever art & craft supplies you have. This activity is suitable for all ages, although toddlers may need some assistance.

mask making for kids
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It’s very important for every parent to take the initiative to introduce art and craft activities to their children. Activities like these not only provide immediate and lasting benefits but also create a unique parent-child bonding that will create lifelong memories. If you have tried your hand at something new, please share your experiences in the comment box below.

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