6 Easy Step-By-Step Magic Tricks For Kids To Try At Home

Children are always fascinated by magic as it is filled with fun and excitement. Putting the magical power into their own hands can be one of the most amazing things to do. The ability to astound their friend’s with magic tricks that they can do all on their own is a great feeling for you and your kids. Come let’s transform them into little magicians with these simple magic tricks for kids, right here!

Magic With Sugar Cube

This magic tricks easy for kids is more science than magic. The trick here is that the graphite in the pencil transfers easily to the human skin.

Items Required: Pencil, Sugar Cubes, Water, Glass

How to Perform the Trick:

Step 1 Allow someone from the audience to pick a number from 1 to 10 and write that number using the pencil on a sugar cube.

Step 2 Pick up the sugar cube by squeezing it against your thumb till the number will get transferred on your thumb.

Step 3 Now drop the sugar cube into a glass of water and allow it to dissolve.

Step 4 Ask for your volunteer’s hand and transfer the number to his/her palm by pressing your thumb to their hand.

Step 5 To give it a magical effect you can ask the volunteer to wave their hand over the glass of water and see the number appear on their hands!

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Magnetic Hand Card Trick

You can help your child astound his or her friends with this simple magic tricks with cards. The catch here is a simple gimmick that is easy to make.

Items Required: Pack of Cards, Sticky Tape, Scissors

How to Perform the Trick:

Step 1 – Use a pair of scissors to cut a small flap in the center of one playing card, and make sure the flap is easily bendable. Stick that gimmick card onto the back of a regular playing card, making sure the edges don’t overlap.

Step 2 – Select a few more playing cards and place them out to hold them in your hand. Have the gimmick card in the bottom center, and make sure you can easily grab the flap between your index and ring fingers.

Step 3 – Hold out the cards, release your thumb, and show that your hand is magically keeping the cards stuck to it. You can even turn them around and over to show that they are appearing to stick like magnets.

Step 4 – Getting that grip between index and ring finger right will hold the cards in place.

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Pull A Coin From Thin Air

This trick requires a bit of practice, but this will totally wow any audience once the child has mastered it.

Items Required: Gum Tape, Piece of Twig or Safety Pin, Few Books of Same Size, Coin

How to Perform the Trick:

Step 1 Take 2 inches of sticky tape and stick one end to the edge of the coin.

Step 2 Place a piece of twig right at the center of the tape and fold the other end of the tape back to the coin.

Step 3 – After your coin is constructed, put it in between the books allowing the tape to project outside.

Step 4 – Show your audience that your hands are empty and then do a drum roll on the books. While doing this, pick up the coin with your index finger and middle finger.

Step 5 – Using gravity flip the coin that’s in your hand to show as if you have picked the coin from thin air.

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Bend The Spoon 

With this simple magic tricks for beginners, show your audience how you can bend a spoon just by using your bare hands.

Items Required: Just a Spoon

How to Perform the Trick:

Step 1 – Hold the handle of the spoon with both your hands showing the audience as if you are putting a lot of pressure on the handle. Keep in mind not to let the thumb wrap the handle.

Step 2 – Place the tip of the bowl against the table and pretend to put immense pressure. Push the hands down so that your audience can see the pressure.

Step 3 – Let the spoon fall on the table while covering it up with your hands so that the audience doesn’t see what’s happening.

Step 4 – Now that your magic is established, pretend to straighten the spoon. You can only run your hands over it and lift it up for your audience to witness the miracle.

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Locking Clips

This magic trick is a good one for amateur magicians, all you need is a little bit of practice to get it right.

Items Required: Two paper Clips and A Currency Note

How to Perform the Trick:

Step 1 – Fold a currency note into the shape of an “S” with three folds, putting a finger between each fold.

Step 2 – Place the paper clips onto the note, with the first paper clip joining the top two parts of the note and the second paper clip joining the bottom two parts of the note.

Step 3 – Gently pull the ends of the currency note and watch as the two paper clips slide together, join, and fly off the bill.

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Disappearing Pencil 

Miraculously disappear a pencil using these basic magic tricks.

Items Required: One Pencil and Table Top

How to Perform the Trick:

Step 1 – Hold a pencil with both your hands.

Step 2 – Allow your audience to hold it to know it is an ordinary pencil.

Step 3 – While it is concealed behind your fingers, move it towards you and in one quick, subtle movement allow it to fall off the table into your lap or hide it into your arms.

Step 4 – Keep your hands as if the pencil is still there. Make a show of breaking or squashing the pencil.

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